Christopher Day in LA


Jul 17th at 4PM / 0 notes

'Orchid' Sculpture, design iterations for Poetic Kinetics. Coachella Festival 2012

Apr 23rd at 2PM / 0 notes

Tray for the Jones’s

Nov 14th at 4PM / 0 notes

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Sep 22nd at 1PM / 0 notes

A Latex Symphony//Graduate Thesis Final Film//September 2010

Jul 11th at 7PM / 0 notes

WORK_IN_PROGRESS//Design Sketches

Jul 2nd at 1PM / 0 notes

MORPHOSIS Venice III//Taken January 2010

Jul 1st at 6PM / 0 notes

Film shot on my recent RV road trip to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Shot using 8mm film on a Nikon R8 [please be patient whilst film loads]

WORK_IN_PROGRESS//Final device investigations. mainly using pneumatics

Jun 29th at 1PM / 0 notes

Just developed photos of my best friends epic visit to CA//via SF + Las Vegas.